My Favorite Things

I mentioned the other day that I may or may not share the details of one of my more outrageous food temper tantrums regarding holiday food. Now I thought someone might beg to hear the details, but alas, no one mentioned it. Does that mean no one cares? No one reads my blog? Or perhaps that it is no surprise that I would, on at least one occasion, behave poorly. Whatever the reason, I'm going to write about it anyway.

My mom used to make the most amazing Jello concoction for holiday meals. It was a raspberry Jello with oranges, cranberries, apples and marshmallows in it. I loved it. Next to the dressing, this was my favorite holiday dish. Not sure why, but it was. Well, a few years ago, we were driving out of state to visit my mom. I told my mom all I wanted was that Jello. She HAD to make it. I think she tried to get out of it but eventually agreed. To make a long story short, when I got there, there were nuts in my Jello. I was livid. Outraged. I drove twelve hours for Jello and SOMEONE put nuts in it. My mom looked at me like I was crazy and said there have always been nuts in it. No. That is simply not true, but there was no reasoning with her. She had clearly lost her mind and couldn't even remember how to make the Jello salad she'd made twice a year since the beginning of time.

All I could do was call someone who would understand. Someone who would see my side no matter what. Someone who would agree wholeheartedly that nuts in a Jello salad constitute a ruined holiday. I called my best friend. Her reaction was amazement. She was truly beside herself. For a moment, that was comforting. Then I realized she was amazed and beside herself for all the wrong reasons. She refused to believe that Jello could be a salad. We ended up having a hotter than necessary debate. I pulled up countless recipes that had the words Jello and Salad in the title. She maintained that just because it's on the internet, doesn't make it true.  WHAT? She countered with the definition of salad; which is, if you're interested this: food mixtures either arranged on a plate or tossed and served with a moist dressing; usually consisting of or including greens. Food mixtures, check; moist dressing, half check; USUALLY including greens, check. It usually but not always includes greens but this particular salad includes a green apple so CHECK!

So what did this leave me with, you ask? My mom irritated that her grown up and adult daughter would have such a fit over Jello and my best friend thinking I'm crazy to call Jello a salad. And this one? STILL hasn't had that particular dish as my mom has steadfastly refused to ever make it again.

Typically, I would post the recipe here. But I don't know it. And I'm scared to bring it up with my mom....


  1. I love your posts. They always bring a smile to my the very least! While I am happy to agree with you that nuts have absolutely no buisness being in jello, I also have to say, neither to chunks of anything including marshmellows. I'm starting to think I have some sort of sensory issue, but the jiggle to the jello and the crunch of an apple? Because you're you and have excellent taste in food, I'm willing to try it if you ever get the recipe.:) Remind me to tell you about this cream chesse, or maybe it's sour cream gunk my mom puts in her jello. ~shudder~gag~

  2. I'm glad you told the story because it's hilarious. And I totally get it. Best not to bring it up with your mom. ;-)

  3. I completely understand your disappointment. You're set on a certain thing, looking forward to it forever and BAM, it's ruined. My MIL makes a cranberry salad that sounds very similar, but no oranges or marshmallows, but no nuts. It's awesome!

  4. @Daylon's Parents - thanks so much. You are always so sweet and it was awesome to see you this week. The stories we could share about Jello salads.... I am quite sure that your family and mine could come up with some doozies. Are you familiar with the very popular Frog Eye Salad???

    @MM - I love that you always understand me. I am praying that my mom is too busy to read my blog this week!

    @Julie - YES! That is exactly it and sadly I am sure that the recipe is lost forever. Thankfully there are plenty of Jello professionals out there....