Johnsonville Chili Challenge

Italian Sausage and Roasted Red Pepper Chili
I have been a horrid blogger this year. Let's just get that out on the table, shall we? With my husband eight gazillion miles away in Massachusetts, I have realized a couple of things that I'd like to share with you, but possibly not with him.

  1. For years I have accused him of being a pack rat and having way too much crap. Well, seeing our entire house packed up and put on pallets says different. Pallets of kitchen stuff, cookbooks and enough toys to stock a Toys R Us. Very few Mr. Bell type boxes. Hmmmm.
  2. I have, on occasion, been guilty of being one of those women who laments quietly in her head (um, yeah) that I have to do everything around here. Well, guess what? It is apparently not true. There. I said it. Out loud. 
  3. The little bells really DO behave better for him. This one I have tried to deny for years but it is no longer possible as I find myself ready to ship them off to the nearest rent-a-kid facility at the end of almost every day.
What I have worked on recently is a Johnsonville Chili Challenge.  This is one of my new favorite dishes - spicy Italian sausage, roasted red peppers and white bean chili topped with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. I'm (of course) kind of late to the entry game, but if you'd click here and like my recipe, I'd sure appreciate it. Oh and as soon as I'm allowed, I'll share the recipe with you!


  1. I voted! Can you come over and whip me up a batch?