Whiskey Cake Confession

Sugarmama's World Famous Whiskey Cake
You know those people who have a recipe that they won’t give out?  I have a whole secret arsenal in my head of recipes I’ve made up to serve to Paula Deen and Gordon Ramsay at my dinner party. Paula Deen because I love her and I know that even if they were terrible she’d be so super sweet about it and I could tell everyone, “Well Paula Deen LOVED it….” Gordon Ramsay because he’d probably choke and gag a little and pretend to throw up in his napkin but on the off chance that he actually liked what I made or almost liked it then I would know it was good since he hates everything. Plus I have a little crush on him. We’ll analyze that little ditty another day because today is my anniversary and it wouldn’t be proper to go on and on about my angry bad boy obsession on the internet on my anniversary. Probably it wouldn’t ever be appropriate, but really, when have I ever claimed to be appropriate?

Back to secret recipes…. The first time I came across this was at a small church moms’ group gathering.  There were about 10 moms with young kids who would get together for playdates at each other’s houses every other week and we’d all bring a dish to share. One mom brought this amazing dip with strawberries every time and it would be licked clean. Now this was in the days before the internet so access to every single recipe wasn’t a click away. We all asked her what it was and she said she was sworn to secrecy by her dying great aunt or something like that. Okay, whatever. Then I went to a Tupperware party and had the exact same dip! I wondered if she was somehow related to the dead great aunt who knew this great secret. Nope. The dip, if you’re wondering, was a block of cream cheese and a tub of marshmallow cream.

Now Sugarmama has a top secret recipe that she won’t share. It is not, I can assure you, two ingredients whipped up and passed off as secret. How can I assure you of this? Because I was IN THE SUGARMAMA KITCHEN AND SAW THE RECIPE WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. That’s right! I swear to all that is holy it was an old school recipe card with old lady handwriting on it and I read it. I tried to stop. But I have no self-control. There was the secret right in front of me. And now, no matter how I try to forget this top secret recipe, I cannot. It is burnt onto my eyeballs as a mark of shame for my nosiness.  To ensure, however, that I don’t steal said recipe and post it here as my own - I had to confess.  Because food bloggers are big ol’ recipe stealers.  We’re an unsavory lot.

But I know you. You want to try the whiskey cake, don’t you? You think I’ll post it here like the guy who emails me recipes for things like McDonald’s Big Macs and Olive Garden Breadsticks. What do you take me for? I can’t do that! What kind of person do you think I am? These cakes are better than anything I could make anyway because they require things like science and measuring. I have one on my table today to serve to my husband after our anniversary dinner. Do you think he’ll notice that I’ve excavated a good section of the backside of the cake by tasting it repeatedly and in fact having 8 tastes of it instead of lunch?

These cakes are the perfect gift and they will be welcome on any holiday table. You can find Sugarmama here and if you put BELL in the coupon code, she’ll even give you a discount! You're welcome.


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