Blog Envy

First things first, like 900 other food bloggers, I'm going to ask/beg you to please click here and vote for Michelle's Dinner Bell in Babble's Top 100 Food Mom Bloggers. You don't have to register or anything - just find me on Page 8 of the alphabetical list and click the little thumbs up "I like this" icon.  That's it. Please and thank you.

And while I'm begging for votes and being needy, let me share this little secret with you. I have Blog Envy. It usually starts with the photographs. Taking beautiful photographs of food requires a lot of patience. I was at Best Buy today looking at cameras. I tried to focus and read the little feature card next to a couple of cameras but I couldn't do it.  Then I realized that if I couldn't focus long enough to read 18 words on a card, how was I ever going to figure out how to use a new camera? And when this $800 camera is covered with jelly and dropped on the floor by a Little Bell, how will I convince Mr. Bell not to sell said Little Bell on Craigslist to recoup our losses? It quickly became evident that a new camera may cause more problems than it would solve.

My other big area of Blog Envy has to do with comments. Can I say I love comments?  There is probably some blog etiquette about that and I'm screwing up the blog universe by mentioning it, but I love them. And when my posts are just hanging out there sad and alone, I feel sorry for them. So do it for the posts. The truth is that I am a middle child; I need constant validation.

Of course asking for comments is kind of like when you get in a fight with your husband (I'm talking about YOU because food bloggers never fight with husbands) and in the midst of the fight, you throw out, "You never bring me flowers!" and then he brings home flowers the next day and then you say, "You only brought them because I said you never do - these don't count!"  So while I love comments and want a lot of them, if you're going to guilt comment, at least don't make it obvious, okay?


  1. This is NOT a guilt comment. LOL! You are always entertaining.

  2. Thanks MM! I thought of you yesterday when I made up a recipe for Creole Chicken and Dumplings. Can one claim something is "creole" if one has never been to New Orleans???

  3. How often can we vote? I voted again tonight.

  4. I'm so sorry I can't vote more than once but I'll try through another email...good luck!!!