More Things I Love

I told you about my undying love for Paula Deen and now I must add two more things to my short list of things I love most outside of my husband and four lovely sons. Tacos and sandwiches. That's right. I LOVE them. I could eat them every day. I had a steak sandwich planned for dinner last night so that I could post it as today's blog - you know, like a real have a plan and make it kind of food blogger.

While we were having our late afternoon swim, Mr. Dinner Bell asked what was for dinner. When I said steak sandwiches, he gave me "the look". You know the one? Like they'd rather eat their own foot for dinner? Now, truthfully, I was annoyed. I hid it. Sort of. But how could he just want a hunk of meat on a plate instead of the thinly sliced filet layered with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers and covered with dill Havarti and then piled on a garlic butter toasted roll? HOW I ASK YOU? Then I started thinking. Maybe I DO make sandwiches too much. And tacos/Mexican food. Oh, and experimental salads. So I started wanting to be more well-rounded. For you - my 47 blog readers. For a minute, I thought that would make me a better person. And then, that thought left. If you don't like tacos and sandwiches, well you just haven't had the right ones. So starting tomorrow, I'll roll out my own Taco Tuesday. While I can't offer 99 cent margaritas, (how cool would THAT be?) I can come up with a whole lot of taco-ness and teach you how to make a mean margarita to boot.

As for sandwiches, there will be lots of them for the summer. They are just fun. And easy. And, well, truth be told, I like things you can eat off a paper plate, okay? I hate washing dishes.

Who could not want this for dinner?

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  1. That looks SO GOOD! I make way too many sandwich dinners myself this time a year, but how can you not? They're delicous!!